Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Lotus Evora for Wiel

Lotusapril2010-1 lores

So for the first time in a long while Lotus brought out a new designed vehicle, called the “Evora”, which to my ears sounds like a Bond-girl, but anyways, we were asked by the team at www.wiel.co.za to take the pics for this spread. Location was Franschhoek pass. Now, I’m not much of a petrol-head, but can I say, this has to be one of the prettiest darn sports cars I have seen ever. It’s small, and you’ll see how small, but pretty. I’m not too fussed about the performance, or the fact that it has a Toyota Camry 3.0 engine (yes, a bit weird), but I’m certain it’ll outrun any car I’ve ever owned and it looks mega-cool.

20100318_0347 However, when it came to shooting the interior, I faced a small problem. The back seat, where I normally shoot from, is ridiculously small. So small that we ended up shooting a video of it. In fact, I cannot get the front seat in the upright position if I’m in the back. It turns out that anyone under 1.4m (that excludes what, pigmies and children) are liable for their own injuries according to the manual, should you hurt yourself trying to get in. That means you don’t have a lot of space to pack things either, cuz the engine takes up the rest of the car. 20100318_0350 20100318_0358

For the record, the front seats have enough leg-room, but getting in is a mission! Anybody over 6 foot, like me, might consider not buying this vehicle once you are moving into your forties. 20100318_0359 20100318_0360

Once you have contorted yourself into the back seat, you have a high-powered engine working away about 10cm from the back of your head. As the pics shows.

However, it’s a pretty car to photograph, and we were able to track, pan and do stationary shots in the mountain pass, and still make it back to Cape Town before nightfall. What worked really well in my view was the fact that the plantations had recently been burned quite badly (which is a shame for the forestry people I’m sure), but what remained was blackened mountain background, which changed the somewhat familiar surroundings into something quite spectacular.


See a short video of my backseat antics and the final layout HERE.

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