Friday, June 25, 2010

Of Soccer, Vuvuzelas, Gees and FIFA.

"Gees" is the Afrikaans word for "Spirit". Here in South Africa, we use it to denote any type of good vibe as well. And the FIFA Soccer World Cup has been filled with "Gees" here. Ok, so our boyz were knocked out, but we're still mighty proud of them, especially for taking out France.

The Vuvuzela has been quite a contentious issue, yet, it set apart this World Cup in itself. It should be noted, that those who has blown a Vuvuzela, will suddenly feel the urge to do so more and more and stop complaining about it. And yes, it has only been in SA since 2001, but just because it's here less than 9 years, doesn't make it less indigenous. Our cities have all been turned into veritable party zones with busses full of Brits, Hondurations (?)/Hondudes (?), Germans, Dutch, Japanese, etc etc etc filling our streets with hordes of Vuvu-blowing and smiling clowns dressed in all types of international parephernalia.

...and for business and culture and "Gees" here in South Africa, it's been AYOBA! Suddenly Blue Bulls (a South African Rugby team) and Stormers (another one) and all cultures of our nation are screaming together. Now, even celebrating the victories of fellow Southern Hemispherians like Australia, Brazil and Argentina.

A last word and wish - after the World Cup, rent a car, and get to know the rest of South Africa's countryside, cuisine, people and culture, tell your friends and COME BACK SOON!


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