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Annual Report – University of the Western Cape

For the last 2 years, we’ve  been contracted by UWC to shoot their recruitment, general research publication portraiture and also annual report and marketing imagery. To say that I know the campus well now, would be a gross understatement. On a particular day I remember walking the breadth of the campus probably a good 4 times. If you know the size of the campus, you’ll understand that we’re talking a lot of steps here. Also, we’ve had from 35 deg heat, to trudging in the rain and battling the howling South Easter, but it’s been fun. From technical, to architectural, to medical, to industrial, to portraiture, to landscapes, to photojournalism, to mug-shots, to interiors, decor, close-ups, concepts, books… it’s been a smorgasbord of photographic disciplines. And the students had to look happy, confident, learned, special, attractive, colourful, radiant… you catch my drift. We’ve recently completed images of the spectacular new New Sciences building, using HDR methods and simply just ha…

Music and Photography

For those who don’t know – although I’m pretty sure most do – I dabble in music through song-writing, playing a couple of instruments, recording and distributing my music online (3 Albums and counting). It’s purely a passion-thing and not geared towards making a living. My love for music photography also comes from this same passion, and it allows me to be around musicians, much like a drummer (lol). I’ve photographed the likes of Faithless, Ronan Keating and Live live.I’ve had the pleasure of even shooting Miriam Makeba, Mandoza Yvonne Chaka-Chaka, Valiant Swart, Johnny Clegg,  Arno Carstens,David Kramer , macStanley (previously Flat Stanley),Theo Crouse ,Jannie Moolman , Koos Kombuis, Semisane (remember them?) , The Sunshines, Firing Squad, Ready D & MC Phat (RIP), Skallebrak, Tait   , James Stewart and Barry van Zyl , Schalk Joubert , Francois van Coke , Lize Beekman ,  Broers, Saron Gas (now the international Seether) , Perez , Van Zyl, Raemon (Germany), Denver Berman-…