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Carling Black Label TV Ads.

I was commissioned to shoot the behind-the-scenes photos for the two last Carling Black Label TV Ads. The cool thing about shooting the bts images is that you see the scale at which companies operate. The drag race scene had about 150 extras alone on set, never-mind the 10 plus trucks full of gear and loads of crew. Seeing the assistant director controlling the lot to let the director get on with what he’s doing, was quite a show!

It’s also great to see how from small snippets and shots, once woven together, a beautiful sequence is born. We were very curious to see the final product, after seeing only the actual filming. Very impressed.


Coming onto the set for this, the second shoot, I had no idea who Ruud Gullit is or was. I picked up he was some sort of big deal in the soccer world, but it took me a bit of research on the wiki the next day to realise that he was actually quite a major deal in Euro-football. Not unlike the time I sat next to Stuart Edwards at a business trade show, the then-CEO of Man United, and asking him if he like coached a school team, or what he meant by “I’m from a sport background”. But that’s a different story. Ruud’s a very nice guy, though. Even Top Billing was there to shoot an interview with him. We made sure we got a pic of Philly in the same vicinity as Ruud at least.

Ogilvy 39804_147189298632302_142378612446704_364924_906902_nThe building where part 1 of the shoot took place.

As the bts photographer, you need to blend in and not be noticed. It’s not always that easy and not unlike the rivalry between long-boarders and surfers, the film guys tend to eye you with a bit of mistrust. Luckily, I have no problem with staying out of people’s way, screwing on a long lens and letting rip. I shoot weddings as well, after all.


39505_147189095298989_142378612446704_364901_3710881_n 40581_147188481965717_142378612446704_364899_2167600_n39804_147189295298969_142378612446704_364923_3300394_n    40306_147189135298985_142378612446704_364902_2180452_n  40306_147189138632318_142378612446704_364903_6851936_n 40306_147189141965651_142378612446704_364904_6581538_n 40306_147189155298983_142378612446704_364908_4219214_n 40306_147189161965649_142378612446704_364910_8179126_n  40581_147188485299050_142378612446704_364900_7214234_n

After the set indoors was finished, Philip went on to the field at the Athlone towers to shoot the rest of the proceedings. I unfortunately had to leave earlier. 39804_147189318632300_142378612446704_364930_2040513_n39804_147189325298966_142378612446704_364932_584938_n

Congrats to all involved, great ads!


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