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Video, Stills Animation…

For our video blogs/series’s, I’ve decided to put together a little opener, much like you’d see in a Universal, or Viacom, or MGM or 20th Century Fox production. What’s different is that mine is more like the tongue-in-cheek one’s like “Heel and Toe Productions”’s opener, and “You stinker!” and the “I made this!” from some other production company.

Mine is based in an idea I got when Jeremy was working for me. He himself has been playing around with stills-animation and has done really cool work with it. Since, we’ve done some animations with stills, but this one stayed at the back of my mind. In the end we put it together in about half and hour of shooting. If so much. I could make it a lot more intricate and full of movement, but that would just become clever and lose the ultimate idea – just to be a branding mechanism.

Also, since I’m mainly a stills photographer, I thought it would be appropriate to have a stills animation for my branding. The pics were lit with a single soft-box and brush light, and then the 580 EX II in the back that flashes towards the end of the sequence. The guitar tune is just a little lick I played on my six-string in the studio and recorded it via pc-mic to Audacity. I’m hoping people will think the distortion is intentional!


Just to see how else we’ve used still animation, see the following videos:


As all my videos so far has only been for my own promotion, and that of Danie Nel Photography, and my music, I’ve never made a lot of effort in the production, however, lately, with amazing DSLR technology in HD, along with still animation techniques and my lighting experience, a whole world of possibilities is opening up. I’ve already started submitting video clips to stock sites, and slowly but surely getting more confident with video production as part of my arsenal.

At this stage I wish to focus my efforts on viral type, web-targeted 3 to 4 minute shorts. Already there might be some plans in the pipelines with a well known foodie in Cape Town… The options and abilities brings a much more blanketed approach to your visual mix, not just limiting it to stills, but possibly some video to add to online campaigns. At 1080 HD, the quality is there for broadcast anyways.

So watch this space, and let me know if you’re interested in exploring some moving images concepts.


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