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3 Weddings...And some Thoughts on Wedding Photography.

Today I'm cramming 3 weddings into 1 post. The reason for this is that it was micro-eloper-weddings to start with, and I actually have a lot of other things I wish to blog soon, so I decided to combine these. First off, it started of with my usual German weddings (actually all 3 were German tourist weddings), at the beautiful Grande Roche in Paarl. It's a challenge to shoot so often at one venue, as you continually need to try and look at the same space in a fresh way.

The great thing is though, that times of day differ, and more importantly, the couple differ. And also, I like having lots of different tools in my toolbox, so that's why you'll find me going from full glamour, to country-style to reportage, all depending on the situation. And as much as I don't like sepia, if the client asks for it, I'll supply it, in my sort of way :) .

I've mentioned to some wedding photographers, and with mixed responses from them, that I foresee a sudden saturation in t…

Shooting Stock 20101001

It’s been a while since I’ve been here, but it’s been busy with me finishing up my degree and whatnot. I did however get the chance to shoot a nice little stock project for and the rest of my microstock catalogue. It was the first day on my own after Philip has moved on to better things, so getting used to doing everything by myself was kinda strange!

This is what I had to clean up afterwards!

Anyways, Joleta Keane was the make-up artist for the day, and Monnique was the model. She has foot-modelled for me before, for a commercial shoot. However, this is not why I chose her… I wasn’t planning on shooting feet! Her mom (who is a client), mentioned that they were looking to have a selection of images shot of her, so we came to a compromise, i.e. pics for model-release.

Now, as with all stock shoots of this nature, production is key, in that efficiency and speed is important, as you need to get as many pics out of a day as possible.

The aim was for about 300, of which I’m l…