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2010 and whatnot


It’s one of those things we say every year: The year flew past! It’s the fastest year ever! Like this year the earth actually circumvented the sun faster. Much like the comments on Cape Town winters, or summers, for that matter. It’s always colder, hotter, drier, wetter, longer etc. Anyways, I promised myself I won’t say it…, but boy, 2010 flew past!

It’s not been the easiest year in business, in fact, it was was way up there with the tough ones, for instance; just today I received news that another publication closes its doors for good on Friday. Very good clients of mine. That would make it roughly 4 this year. That and all the PR agencies losing their clients, and thus me losing mine, and advertising…  So it’s been an interesting ride. But, I can report, that things are looking up and have been so for the last quarter. And I’m not one to complain, nor sulk. Life comes at all of us. I’m still standing, my business is going forward, and I love photography and our business more than ever. And I’m laughing a lot more than ever.

So it was not on account of just having fun that time flew, it was possibly also on account of me not sitting still, whether work is coming in or not, I work. Designing new light-shapers, sharpening my photographic sword, shooting stock, uploading, keywording…, and then oh, I forget, I completed my B.Tech in Photography (I got the diploma in ‘99). Because I really needed to research the stock image industry in some depth.

Herewith a quick recap on the year… in pics and videos.

We did some awesome creative campaign work for Anton Fabi at the Bromwell, in Woodstock.


We spent a lot of time at UWC shooting for annual reports, marketing material, PR material, research material and portraits.

20100120_0099 20100120_0038

We finished up the beautiful catalogue for Continental China. Here with art director Nicky, and stylist Jean Nel, at Doppio Zero.

20100318_0347 20100318_0276_thumb[3]

I literally got stuck in the back of the Lotus Evora, the prettiest sports car in my opinion, with the most ridiculously small back-seat ever designed by a human being. According to the manual you need to be 1.4 meters or shorter to sit there. Am I only the one missing the obvious demographic/target audience problem here? Not exactly a family car?

I spent some time at Streetlevel Music recording music. Because I can and that’s how they paid me for work :) . will get you all the music for free.


I ate bread. And photographed the bakers. Here at De Oude Bakkerij in Stellenbosch.


We photographed the menu and marketing materials for Cafe Cru.

20090626_0134 20090626_0148

We photographed wineries in Darling area and popped in for some coffee at Evita se Perron.



We photographed Stellenbosch Wine festival images. It was fun.


We spent the hottest day in 2010 shooting wine and olives in Riebeek-Kasteel.


The studio had some mad moments of business.


We hung with our own celebs. Here Philip and Cyril Ramaphosa is keeping it tight. (At a shoot for Shunduka Black Umbrellas), hanging with Graham Beck (RIP) and Ruud Gillet.


  201004100214 201004100226 DSC_1039 (2) 20091008094

We were shooting wedding for overseas couples. Philip pictured right multi-tasking being a voice activated light stand and being the mobile DJ.



We photographed beautiful cars with Wiel, BMW and also General Motos.

20100126_0133 facebook


We fooled around. In all honesty, there are loads more images of me and Philip doing our thing, but they’re all back at the studio, and I’m burning the midnight oil here at home. In time – and if you go to and view the images and videos, you’ll see most of our exploits.

Unfortunately I end the year as a solo operation, having Philip move on. But let it be known that I was introduced to a more movie trivia than I thought possible, new music – Wolfmother among others – and some good companionship around everything.

Also, he helped set in motion the wheels for Black Studio Productions. The little video arm of Danie Nel Photography, responsible for such gems as this:

So, as we close of this post, I wish you all the best for the last 3 weeks of this 2010, do not think I forgot about the FIFA World Cup. Every single post by anyone in any newsletter mentions the World Cup. Well, we also had the spirit.

So, just so you know, I’m just in an out of Cape Town, but open for assignments through most of the festive season. Don’t hesitate to call. I’m in the office till Wednesday, and after that on cell phone and email.

So, to an awesome 2011, God bless, and all the rest.


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