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Food Network UK & Jenny Morris

View the BTS interviews, thoughts and all that, from the shoot with Jenny for Food Network UK. So earlier this year Jenny Morris got signed on by Food Network UK, the pay channel focusing on food. This is a huge scoop, as Jenny will now be seen in homes and kitchens all over Europe and Asia, and possible in time, the US. Filming of the first series starts in January in none other than Morocco, one of Jenny’s haunts in world travel. It couldn’t happen at a better time, as this year Jenny also released her long awaited “Cooking with Jenny Morris” recipe book, that I had the privilege to shoot, and we’ll still discuss in this blog in coming weeks. However, in the interim, Food Network commissioned me to shoot Jenny’s international PR and publicity material. What a a fab day. Joleta Keane, my favourite make-up ally, was in the for day, fighting some early pregnancy nausea, but she’s a trooper and made Jenny look fab. For a quick vibe of the day, see the video, and here I’ll just post a bun…

Running Wild

It’s not that I don’t like blogging, in fact, I love it. At last count, I tried to maintain 5 of the things. It’s just, I’ve been really busy, with a workload not befitting one individual. I’m typing this blog at 1:14.AM. So all I’m telling you is that I’ve been to Zambia last week, with Jenny Morris, to stay at the most beautiful Royal Chundu Lodge, on the mighty Zambezi river. As I’ll be blogging about this extensively, all I’ll tell you is that 4 days away, and 4 weeks of insanity before that, has left me a bit thin on the blogging efforts. I’m positively choked up with all the stories and shoots I want to blog, but just haven’t had the time. So please be patient. Soon and very soon I’ll get back on track.I just got a new laptop after my other one had a melt-down last month, and I was restricted to my workstation at work, where the machine couldn’t stay ahead with conversion and retouching. Generally I blog at night, so now that I have a machine to take home again, I’ll be getting…

Table Mountain - A Cape Town Wonder

Last night, our dear Table Mountain, was chosen as one of the 7 New Wonders of the World. This is a big deal for Cape Tonians, as in some way or the other, our lives are influenced by this majestic rock daily.

Either you use it as a way to align yourself with direction ("towards the mountain" is a universally accepted wind-direction for us. "Away from the mountain" is seldom said, since this leaves most of us with a nagging feeling of discomfort, so we rather just say "Towards Bellville", which for most people who live in the City Bowl, in the shadow of the mountain, is akin to saying "Towards Cairo"), or a happy place to look at and feel some sense of calm. Even from my very semi-industrial enclave in the suburbs, I can see Table Mountain. Ok, from my porch at the studio, looking over a petrol station, I can see it.


Well, photographers don't escape the influence of the moutain either. Or at least I don't. Whether I'm shoo…

Shooting some Rice

A while ago I had the great opportunity to shoot with Jenny Morris again, but not on her book, as I've been doing for a good part of the winter. This time around we were shooting for Spekko Rice, with Susan Bosman picking up styling duties, and Jenny designing the recipes.
We had 3 days in her studio, and as always it was a fun affair at the "Cook's Playground".
If you thought rice was not an interesting food to shoot, or that there is not a lot you can do with it, think again. I've never had so many different types of rice dishes, ever, and I'm still quite amazed how a little grain plant from obscure paddies in Asia can be used in such culinary masterpieces.
It's also important when shooting food, and especially over three days, that you mix up the light set-up, in order to avoid it looking the same in every shot, but also to keep it similar enough for the thread of consistency to go through all the images.  

I can't let too much out of t…