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Day 2 – MDR-TB tour of SA, Gugulethu

So, day 2 of the MDR-TB tour in Cape Town, took delegates to houses in Nyanga, Gugulethu and then the primary school in Gugs, for an activation of the KickTB campaign, run by the Desmond Tutu Foundation. Fortunately, I had the opportunity to shoot the man again. He was fun, accommodating and patient with the throngs of journalists sticking lenses in his face, or all the overseas journo’s just wanting to shake his hand. We forget, he’s like Martin Luther King JR, and has achieved quite a bit more… When you’re close to greatness, you tend to miss the scale thereof. And by that I don’t just mean he’s a short man.And game as he is, he even kicked a ball at goal as part of the proceedings! The goalie was in the way, but who cares, not a lot of us will ever see that again!If you’ve ever been in the townships of South Africa, or elsewhere, I have found here, and in Libya (where it’s a tad more risky to do so), that children here are so gregarious and confident, that they make the most awesom…

Some pics from today – TB Clinic, Gugulethu

Just thought I’d drop a couple of pics online, from a shoot I’m currently working on with Lilly/MDR-TB Tour of South Africa. I’m covering the Cape Town part of an educational/media event for foreign journalists. I just finished uploading today’s images to the client’s server, and thought I’d drop you a couple of pics here before I go grab a couple of hours of sleep. The reason for that is that not a great many people know that I enjoy a bit of documentary photography quite a bit actually. Anyways, enjoy.All images at Gugulethu NYI Clinic, Gugulethu, Cape Town.As it is a TB treatment facility, those of us not on TB treatment are obviously expected to wear a face-mask. This is what I ended up looking like… Donald Duck? I also think it’s upside down.

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Wedding J&L – On the Rocks

Now, the irony of the title has but almost escaped me, but just to be clear: no, their marriage is not on the rocks, but they did get married at an establishment with that name, in Bloubergstrand. Rather than go into all the details of how I got to know J, and the similarities in our conviction regarding purity before marriage, I’ll rather just say: great couple, lovely time, great venue, great fun shooting the pics. Herewith some notes and pics of the day.All the tables on the day were named after books in the Bible, rather than be given numbers. Hooglied (Song of Songs), was appropriately reserved for the bride and groom. It also created good opportunities for juxta-posed pics later on, at the reception. Outside, where the ceremony was happening, the mid-morning sunshine presented its own challenges, but when given lemons, make lemonade, is what I choose to think. Or the rule of the Ninja: the environment is your friend (bought from the idea that anything is fair game in a fight, in…