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Wedding J&L – On the Rocks


Now, the irony of the title has but almost escaped me, but just to be clear: no, their marriage is not on the rocks, but they did get married at an establishment with that name, in Bloubergstrand. Rather than go into all the details of how I got to know J, and the similarities in our conviction regarding purity before marriage, I’ll rather just say: great couple, lovely time, great venue, great fun shooting the pics. Herewith some notes and pics of the day.


All the tables on the day were named after books in the Bible, rather than be given numbers. Hooglied (Song of Songs), was appropriately reserved for the bride and groom. It also created good opportunities for juxta-posed pics later on, at the reception.

Outside, where the ceremony was happening, the mid-morning sunshine presented its own challenges, but when given lemons, make lemonade, is what I choose to think. Or the rule of the Ninja: the environment is your friend (bought from the idea that anything is fair game in a fight, including chairs or whatever else is in your immediate environment). In my case, rather that try and wish away the current set of circumstances, I’d rather see if there is not a way to work around it. In my case, some nice off-camera flashing and different angles did the trick.



On the cake-front, I was very surprised to see Kanya Hunt, a food stylist and cake-confectioner par excellence I have worked with on such projects as the Rooibos Cookbook, A Touch of Rooibos, and other consumer cookbooks. As usual, the cake was a delicate but beautiful piece of chocolate mastery that made me wish somebody would drop it on the ground so I can apply the 5-second rule. But gladly, nobody did!




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J’s groomsman was nice enough to write “HELP ME” on the soles of his shoes, so that when they knelt at the altar, well, the whole world got a message from him. He took it in good spirits though, it we decided to capture one or two shots around that. As you’ll notice throughout the pics, we were shooting right at noon, but that, if handled properly, can lend a nice lively feel to all the images.

When shooting on the beach, the sand actually does help to lift shadows somewhat, by I like using my off-camera flashes as well, hence I travel a little heavier than other photographers, and I have back-problems to boot, but I believe the results is worth it.

The wind was picking up at one stage, but as I have explained before, I find this actually helps images. Dresses and hair “sway” in the wind, giving that romantic look at bit more authenticity.

Watch this space for some more exciting projects I had a hand in in December and early January.



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