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Shooting Lawyers…

Now, I’m sure there are people in other areas of business who would gladly, or scornfully, like to post a blog with a title like this. Maybe along the lines of someone being taken down for signing sureties on a business ten years ago and having sold it since just to have it burn the bank for millions, or being wrongfully tried or ….ok ok….as I’m typing this I’m watching “Law Abiding Citizen”, hehe, but honestly, my experience of attorneys have been good. Especially photographing them. Why? Generally they have a firmer grasp on word-play, irony, quick-on-your-feet humour and general knowledge than the average guy I end up photographing. In the span of 3 weeks, I photographed a total of 12 attorneys. I think a great many jokes were made on my expense, but luckily it would’ve been so clever, I don’t even realize what they were.I’m going to start with the first group. Or firm. By the way, The Firm, by John Grisham, the book, is way better than the movie. Doesn’t even seem like the same st…

Danie Nel Weddings: C + L

This wedding happend mid-December 2010 in the beautiful Cederberg region of Clanwilliam. As I grew up in the surrounding regions (Lambert’s Bay), played many a school sports match in Clanwilliam and had some good friends there, I really looked forward to doing this wedding. The surrounds are also just so beautiful that one cannot help but be excited. I also haven’t seen L and some of the locals in a long time, and we used to be in primary school together, so getting this gig just had a load of specialness about it.I won’t be saying too much, except that you should enjoy the pics and pass on the link if you like!Last thought: when the couple is cool, and co-operative, like these two were, well, it’s all bound to be fun and laughter. And good results.

VW Amarok vs Nissan Nivara vs Toyota Hi-Lux

As some might now, unfortunately closed its doors February 2011, ending a great 4 years, with a great client. Together we did many many shoots, made cars look awesome and had fun along the way. I really had the greatest time shooting for them, with not so much as once having any issues. You can still catch the last issue at, and look out for the writers Brett Hamilton and Wilhelm Lutjeharms continuing their passion for wheels at There will still be a couple of more uploads and posts on work we did together, but alas, once those are completed, this romance will be over. Very very sadly.Anyways, one of the last shoots we did was the VW Amarok with 2 other bakkies, outside De Doorns, in the Karoo, on the Karoo One farm. I’m not going to say too much, as on this shoot, there are two videos available, and a bunch of pics. Herewith the results and videos showing you what we got….and what got us…. But first watch the pr-friendly video, with the…

Outerboxthinking -On Innovation

As part of my expansion into video - herewith a video for a client of mine.

The idea was for it to be very informal, relatable, just slightly left of center and "un"-corporate, aimed at corporates.
Here is the beginning of my post. And here is the rest of it.

Svenmill at the Factory

Wow, I’m so far behind in blogging assignments, I can now fail to call it recent! Well, that’s what a Xmas season and a crazy January gets you. So, let’s try and pick up on some interior product work for Svenmill Fabrics late last year. Now, if you’re a regular, and long-time reader of the blog, you might remember some previous posts of the Svenmill guys filling up my studio and then taking over an apartment and shooting fabrics in the rain. Well, this time around (ok, and a previous time that I didn’t blog about) they lured me over to the factory. For the first shoot we used the showroom, and one or two room-sets we built, and then, this time around…, well, things went industrial. Instead of putting on Vivaldi while reading this post, now’s the time to put on some Nine Inch Nails or Rammstein. Ok, so it’s a tad OTT, but work with me. We started the shoot civil and suburban enough, shooting room sets in the showroom again. Yet, this time I could see the ladies had some other ideas up …