Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Danie Nel Weddings: C + L


This wedding happend mid-December 2010 in the beautiful Cederberg region of Clanwilliam. As I grew up in the surrounding regions (Lambert’s Bay), played many a school sports match in Clanwilliam and had some good friends there, I really looked forward to doing this wedding. The surrounds are also just so beautiful that one cannot help but be excited. I also haven’t seen L and some of the locals in a long time, and we used to be in primary school together, so getting this gig just had a load of specialness about it.

I won’t be saying too much, except that you should enjoy the pics and pass on the link if you like!

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Last thought: when the couple is cool, and co-operative, like these two were, well, it’s all bound to be fun and laughter. And good results.

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