Tuesday, February 08, 2011

VW Amarok vs Nissan Nivara vs Toyota Hi-Lux

20101015_0062As some might now, unfortunately www.wiel.co.za closed its doors February 2011, ending a great 4 years, with a great client. Together we did many many shoots, made cars look awesome and had fun along the way. I really had the greatest time shooting for them, with not so much as once having any issues.

You can still catch the last issue at www.wiel.co.za, and look out for the writers Brett Hamilton and Wilhelm Lutjeharms continuing their passion for wheels at www.carmag.co.za. There will still be a couple of more uploads and posts on work we did together, but alas, once those are completed, this romance will be over. Very very sadly.


Anyways, one of the last shoots we did was the VW Amarok with 2 other bakkies, outside De Doorns, in the Karoo, on the Karoo One farm. I’m not going to say too much, as on this shoot, there are two videos available, and a bunch of pics. Herewith the results and videos showing you what we got….and what got us…. But first watch the pr-friendly video, with the pr-friendly images.

 20101015_0010 20101015_0024 20101015_0050  20101015_0067 20101015_0071 20101015_0083 20101015_0092 20101015_0163 20101015_0170 20101015_0325 20101015_0326 20101015_0338 20101015_0351 20101015_0361

And then, watch this…

20101015_0365 The team. Peter, me, Wilhelm, Lesley (Art Director).

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