Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Simply Asia

2011_01_05_143iAs a photographer it’s a great experience to walk into shops, homes, book-stores, mag stands or drive by billboards and see your work. To realise that your work has been viewed millions and millions of times, is sometimes a bit daunting! I’ve been shooting magazines for more than 11 years, advertising, stock, books, PR releases, bands, etc etc etc. Some mags that I’ve been published in has 1 000 000+ readers per week.Even the internet these days supply me with surprises! That’s where shooting weddings (which I also do) doesn’t quite get close. It’s great to walk into a house and see your wedding pics on a wall, but knowing your images were blown up to 9mx5m and put up over Johannesburg Central taxi rank, or 4mx6m at Gugulethu taxi rank and left there for a month… well, the eyes parading over your work certainly does increase. If I was clever, I’d like to calculate how many views it gets. Through Shutterstock alone I’ve sold just under 2000 images…. how many people have viewed those final artworks?

IMG00659-20110323-1005IMG00657-20110323-1004IMG00658-20110323-1005Anyways, the reason I post this is just that I walked past Simply Asia this morning, and saw my images up on their posters, and was reminded of shoot we did in the hottest day in January to get those images. The agency was Network BBDO. Herewith some images and memories. Many were taken with my BlackBerry, so bear with me. Yes, we do eat the leftovers and food. I know you wonder.


IMG00412-20110105-1106Despite the incredible heat of the day, coffee was a necessity as in all shoots.

Because of the heat, and also because of the high flaming possibilities of Thai Cooking, the chef thought it prudent to move the stove to the porch, where it just happened to be a tad cooler. IMG00413-20110105-1107IMG00409-20110105-1041_2 On this day we gave my neighbours,, a run for their money with great flavours! The food stylist for the day was Lisa Clark. Not too much to say on the photographic front, only that it’s not as easy as it seems to shoot “simple” food shots. Because the food is so prominent, the styling and photography needs to be spot on. IMG00411-20110105-1044IMG00408-20110105-0951

Lessons learned? Air-cons must be worth every single penny.

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