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Shooting film for fun – Yashica LM 6x6

I’ve been quite busy, and with the barrage of holidays thrown at us, it makes it difficult for a self-employed individual to get to posting blogs on top of getting around to all other things entailed in being a pro shooter. Well, I must be honest, I’ll rather wait for next week and the reality of 5 day weeks to kick in again, before I post something that seems too much like work to you guys. So, I’ll go ahead and post some of the things I do for kicks.I trained and fell in love with photography long before digital hit. I’m a qualified colour hand printer, black and white printer, large format, medium format etcetera shooter. I still find myself doing +1/3 compensations on readings for the Kodak 100VS tranny film I was so fond of. But truth be told, I don’t miss film as a work medium. I think digital is and will be the only viable medium for work. Also, 11 years after working in a darkroom, I still have issues with damaged skin on my hands due to (negligent) use of argentothyosulphite …

Academia vs Real Life

I have mentioned on and off during the last two years, especially when speaking about stock photography, that I'm finishing up my B.Tech degree in Photography at , after getting the diploma in '99. It took 10 years to take the step to do the extra part-time years to get degree, but finally I did.

I'll pop a couple of the images from my final portfolio in here as we go along. All the images are availabe from me directly at or through any of the microstock portals you see on the side here.

My take on the practical? Part of my research was tracking the performance of my own images. How can they fail me if the images are selling commercially? I felt that was a rather fail-safe approach to practical work! I totally shied away from making the "pretty" portfolio, but rather focused on showing a profitable portfolio. Not something that students, or lecturers, except in this case mine, can appreciate. When one is a student, you're bri…

CHEFS: Peter Ayub

Watch this space for more info on Chefs.

Wedding: S&M

Half-way through my holiday in Gansbaai/De Kelders, I had to pop back to Cape Town to shoot two weddings. The first which I blogged about here. The second one, after my Wellington job, started in Camp’s Bay and found its way all the way to Sunset Beach, on the Western parameter of Cape Town, ending off at Bloubergstrand. All these locations spell one thing: wind. But, I like wind in pictures, although I don’t like shooting in it, the final images are always just that much more real. It gives that great wind-swept feel to the dress and the bride’s hair. The couple had 1 guest, their daughter. The rest of us were a couple of okes from a drum circle, supplying the ambience, myself, the priest, the videographer and the agent. They were tourists from Germany.When the drum circle supplies music, most of the time, the couple engages afterwards, and in this case it was no different. So afterwards, we all sat in for a 15 minute drumming session, before finishing our champers and heading out t…