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CHEFS: Peter Ayub

I'm a believer in personal projects. Just shooting "to be creative" is too wide for me. I need to narrow my focus down to something that I can conceptualise, and more importantly, sustain over months or years. Wax Lyrical is a project on musicians that I've been doing since 2001. I don't shoot for it often, but when I do I enjoy it tremendously. It has spawned two exhibitions in 2001 and 2002.

However, since I've been shooting a lot of food, I've been working with chefs a lot the last decade, and they're every bit as passionate about their game, as musicians are. During my work on "A touch of Rooibos", the idea started to form that I want to do a project just on chefs. Stereotyping of chefs abound, but I found that though they share some similarities, there is so much personality in each one, it's worth a portrait. Also, since cheffing has become quite the celebrity game, people has since also started to like looking at pics of chefs.

So after a couple of years of thinking about it, I went into shoot mode, and chef number one is Peter Ayub, proprietor of , a fine food catering company, also doing fun cooking school evenings. The reason I chose him first is because he is my direct neighbour, for starters, but also, he is bona fide chef. He is passionate about food, and more importantly, brings his own air to the persona of chef. In his case: tattoos, love for Windhoek Lager, Liverpool, and some aggression. The latter you'll find as with most "aggressive" types, is only skin-deep, and his a helluva nice guy to anyone not standing in his way when his cooking. And he refuses to endorse anything if he doesn't really believe in it. No money for package dry herbs ads, thanks.

I asked him to bring along something, maybe a knife, that says something about him, or that he's fond of. He brought a pint of lager.

Below follows some of the outtakes of the shoot at my studio. Final presentation of the project will most probably be web only for now. I still need to shoot so much anyways, that there's no point in worrying about that now. Enjoy.

Watch this space for more info on Chefs.


Steven said…
Awesome stuff danie! Love your work.
Danie Nel said…
Thanx Steven. Had a look at your site - lekker, bru!!

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