Monday, April 04, 2011

Wedding: S&M

20101231_0186 Half-way through my holiday in Gansbaai/De Kelders, I had to pop back to Cape Town to shoot two weddings. The first which I blogged about here. The second one, after my Wellington job, started in Camp’s Bay and found its way all the way to Sunset Beach, on the Western parameter of Cape Town, ending off at Bloubergstrand. All these locations spell one thing: wind. But, I like wind in pictures, although I don’t like shooting in it, the final images are always just that much more real. It gives that great wind-swept feel to the dress and the bride’s hair.

The couple had 1 guest, their daughter. The rest of us were a couple of okes from a drum circle, supplying the ambience, myself, the priest, the videographer and the agent. They were tourists from Germany.

When the drum circle supplies music, most of the time, the couple engages afterwards, and in this case it was no different. So afterwards, we all sat in for a 15 minute drumming session, before finishing our champers and heading out to the beach and making great images.

Afterwards (read 7pm), I, windswept and lekker tired, got in my car, fetched my wife (she also came in to work for the day), headed back to De Kelders to go and spend New Year’s with the family, playing pool, having a couple of frosties and eating like kings.

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