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Libya Prints

20091104Libya0566 b w website facebookAlmost 2 years after going to Libya, I’ll be taking out some prints for the first time. About a hundred of the images are available through stock portals, but I haven’t printed any, except as a present for a mate, and one of two for a collage in my living room. I was asked to participate in an artist’s market at a retail complex and thought it might be a good idea.

It’s also ironic, since currently a civil war is raging in Libya, whereas when I was there in 2009, it was the most peaceful and safe place I’ve ever been to! Looking through the images does bring back fond memories of a great place, that hopefully I can visit again soon. Most of the images are from the Medina (old walled city) in Tripoli.

I also took hundreds of photos in the Roman ruins around Sabratha and Leptis Magna. The ones I selected for this exercise felt more decor-suitable to me, and also had way more meaning to me. The ruins are typical of documentation, whereas these images I have a rather more artistic and emotional response to. The doors in the Medina intrigued me, so hence a lot of door pics. A walk at dusk through the medina, and the accompanying smells and sounds will stay with me for quite some time still.

I still need to get the images in catalogue format on to make orders possible, and also to get the whole collection up. All the images are also sold and available as royalty free stock images.

Herewith the some of the images… Contact me if you’re interested in purchasing. A variety of formats, finishes and frames can be applied.

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