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Wedding: T&J


So, another couple from Europe decided to utilise my services for their wedding earlier this year. As always, it was a short, 2 hour affair, involving a guest-house for legal proceedings, and then a world-class venue for the ceremony, which is always small. In this case, 6 of us in total. The guest-house was somewhere in Tamboerskloof, where I signed as witness, as usual, and then we proceeded to Oude Kraal Beach, which strangely enough, I’ve never been to. As a Cape Town resident, it shames me to admit that I’ve been missing out on this beautiful little beach, right here in Cape Town.

Without saying too much about the wedding or the photography, all I can say is that is was good fun, bright sunlight, cool water and a great family. If we can bring people like these to our shores every year to have their weddings, we’d be doing ourselves a huge favour, as they bring passion and excitement about our country that we ourselves so often lack. The groom has worked as a physician in one of our hospitals in the past, and decided to bring his family out here for the wedding. Let’s keep inspiring people to come back. And get married here. And use me as their photographer!

To photographers: I used two lenses on this shoot only. I used a 70-200m f2.8 and a 17-40mm f4. I’ve found restricting yourself to a couple of lenses forces you to think and experiment. It was the first time I’ve used this particular lens-workflow. Since then I’ve used it many times, but with a 50mm prime thrown in there as well. I also didn’t use any flash on this wedding, which is unusual for me, as I’m quite keen on off-camera flash.

Herewith a couple of highlights:

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Tobias said…
Great Day for us!
Thank so much to Danie for this Shooting!

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