Monday, July 25, 2011

Ford Mustang GT shoot for Jack Daniels

20110715_0057 crunch

A Mustang is a smoking hot guitar. Seriously, it’s even cooler up close, and way cooler once you start the engine. I’m not a petrol-head by a long shot, but I can appreciate a well-built and appealing car. And this car is appealing. And I shot it. I can add it to the Nissan GT-R, Audi R8, Aston Martin DBs, Jag XFR’s and a host more seriously sick cars I’ve had the privilege to shoot.

The images are for Jack Daniels who is currently running a competition where you can win this desirable vehicle. So, I needed to make it look every bit as hot as it is. Also, the car will be presented in a very special way to the public, but I’m not sure if I’m at liberty to discuss that, so I’ll let you see the press for details.

It helps a lot when you’re shooting these type of things in a proper studio, fitted with a revolve, huge curve and proper lighting. BTW – the lighting was a mix of HMI and red-heads, Kinoflow and a DIY kino-vibe things, standing around in the studio. Normally I work with flash, but shooting cars with continuous light helps, as you’re always aware of what you’ll see even as you look at the car.

 20110715_0019 crunch

Here you can see two kino’s. I basically just used them for edging the black car on a black background. Top lighting and reflectors were the mains. 20110715_0021 crunch20110715_0068 crunch 20110715_0029 crunch 20110715_0030 20110715_0035 crunch  20110715_0054 crunch   20110715_0082 crunch 20110715_0095 20110715_0105 20110715_0114  20110715_0123And could you blame the team for wanting pics? Represented in the pics are Jack Daniels, Bletchley Park, Car Magazine, and … me.  20110715_0138 

And I couldn’t resist being photographed with the ultimate BAT-MOBILE!!!! This is so sad, I know, but I can’t help it. That car is just too hot. And I’m turning into a middle-aged teen-ager. Ok, that’s ott. A 32-year old teenager.  20110715_0140i

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Moet & Chandon: Marc Brevot


I think I might’ve mentioned that I really like my job. More like love it. Anyways, in case you forgot, I’ll just say that I do love my job.

This time around I was lucky enough to shoot Marc Brevot, winemaker for Moet & Chandon Champagne, France. Now, if you’re not into wine and things, it won’t have much impact on you, but it’s not unlike shooting the chief designer for BMW or innovation manager for Google… you catch my drift. It’s probably the biggest, or close to, champagne brand in the world. It’s cool knowing these iconic brands from afar, and then meeting the people making it happen day to day. It’s even better because the task of creating images for his local publicity was entrusted to me, with my well-known passion for corporate and business publicity imagery.

Now, I will confess my initial fear of most Frenchmen will be that they might be a tad, … hmmmm, unfriendly, with a bit of haute …aspects to their demeanour. I must confess, my next three encounters with successful, cultured Frenchmen were quite the opposite. They were friendly, professional, fun, and great to work with. As one would expect of a brand ambassador, of sorts.

Also, the location was the Ellerman House, one of the smartest hotels you’re likely to encounter. Ever. Based in Bantry Bay, it’s not as in disgusting, ridiculous opulence, more just like exclusivity and service beyond the norm. That’s why you’ll see the name Lance Armstrong among others scribbled on the kitchen’s guest room service orders…

20110316_0116Also, the shoot was organised in a bit of a rush, due to some unforeseen circumstances on the marketing end, and I was called upon rather suddenly. Hence I showed up at the shoot, at this very prestigious location, for a prestigious brand, in shorts and sandals. Niiiiice. Well, the client was awesome about it, and after a while of shooting, I was glad that that was what I was wearing.

Anyways, herewith some pics… and then the highlight. Important to remember with these type of images are that they need to be generic to the point that most any publication will use them, so as tempting as it might be to go completely OTT with creativity, usability is of utmost importance, and thus mileage for the PR-campaign.


 20110316_0046 20110316_0054   20110316_0144 20110316_0218 20110316_0261

And then, as a wine-lover, I was obviously eyeing the bottles of Moet standing around, and wondering if I’d get to taste. Better. I got to sit down with Marc, and over a glass of Moet & Chandon Grande Vintage 2002 I was given an introduction to Moet.


Marc Brevot and I having a glass of bubbly. will take you to my portfolio of publicity images.

Friday, July 08, 2011

Weddings: W&H

Blog 0977_20110514i

Some people are just instantly likeable. Some people are just as easily photographable. That is what makes wedding photography special – synergy of creative to subject, event to moment, and the serendipity of meeting really cool people, in really intimate settings.

Herewith some images from W & H’s wedding at Stellenrust, Stellenbosch. Rain stayed away just long enough for us to have a great outdoors wedding, and a grand old time shooting in the vineyard. Enjoy.


 Blog 0053_20110514 Blog 0070_20110514 Blog 0113_20110514 Blog 0160_20110514i Blog 0179_20110514 Blog 0189_20110514   Blog 0261_20110514  Blog 0410_20110514 Blog 0419_20110514 Blog 0434_20110514 Blog 0481_20110514 Blog 0490_20110514 blog 0497_20110514 Blog 0537_20110514 Blog 0558_20110514 Blog 0757_20110514 Blog 0763_20110514i Blog 0803_20110514 Blog 0828_20110514i  Blog 0855_20110514 Blog 0865_20110514 Blog 0872_20110514 Blog 0875_20110514i Blog 0885_20110514 Blog 0892_20110514 Blog 0898_20110514  Blog 0953_20110514i  Blog 0982_20110514i blog 1009_20110514