Friday, August 12, 2011

Creation: Forward Thinking


This is one reason why I enjoy working with the clients I do. Look at how nicely Creation Wines has integrated video tasting notes I have filmed for them into their social media and web mix. If you click on the pic, you’ll be taken to their Facebook page, by the way. Not just that, but their bottles are now equipped with QR codes, so by using your smart-phone, you can scan the code, and instantly be transported to a guided tasting by Carolyn, right there in the supermarket! When in their tasting room, you can Tweet or FB your findings, by using the ipad supplied to you for this purpose! Now if that isn’t clever, then neither was Einstein.

Youtube and Vimeo hosts a number of channels dedicated to wine tasting. Some of these channels entertain a rabid following. Now image how much a mention of your video, or a link, can help with getting buyers from across the globe interested in your product. This is true for all types of business in fact.

As bandwidth and online technology allows more and more, it will become difficult to supply customers only with still images in marketing. I’m ready for the challenge, and have steadily been shooting more and more video for various applications.

Herewith an example – please note: resolution is kept low, as the ultimate idea is for mobile devices, ultra-fast loading and small screens.

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