Thursday, August 11, 2011

Music Video: Hosea Said

So after 7 years of listening to this song, it takes a sudden urge (and the need to test something on my camera), to come up with this little video. About an hour of shooting, and an hour or two of editing, no concept to speak of, I came up with this video for my song (I’m a passionate amateur muso – I  give all my music away at or ).

Challenges? No hands to help. So sync, music, framing, focusing… everything, I needed to do. But it was a great exercise. Now imagine if I had a solid concept, storyboard and the like worked out, what I could’ve accomplished. I liked the idea of a dramatic black-and-white portrait, in motion, and then the idea of the papers and jets came about after I started thinking through the lyrics to get something to peg it to visually, without giving the game away. Just a fun reference, the works visually, but even at a stretch, ties in with the lyrics.

Now imagine your company, product, band… let’s chat.

You can hit me up at if you wish to connect. My music is on,, …. to name but a few internet stations. Feel free to listen to my stuff anywhere, and download and (please) share to your heart’s content.

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