Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Running Wild

It’s not that I don’t like blogging, in fact, I love it. At last count, I tried to maintain 5 of the things. It’s just, I’ve been really busy, with a workload not befitting one individual. I’m typing this blog at 1:14.AM. _MG_2905

So all I’m telling you is that I’ve been to Zambia last week, with Jenny Morris, to stay at the most beautiful Royal Chundu Lodge, on the mighty Zambezi river. As I’ll be blogging about this extensively, all I’ll tell you is that 4 days away, and 4 weeks of insanity before that, has left me a bit thin on the blogging efforts.

I’m positively choked up with all the stories and shoots I want to blog, but just haven’t had the time. So please be patient. Soon and very soon I’ll get back on track.

I just got a new laptop after my other one had a melt-down last month, and I was restricted to my workstation at work, where the machine couldn’t stay ahead with conversion and retouching. Generally I blog at night, so now that I have a machine to take home again, I’ll be getting more time here.

Posts to look forward to:

  • The making of “Cooking with Jenny Morris” with videos and BTS images.
  • Shooting Continental 2011, with video and bts images.
  • Zambia 2011 with Jenny Morris, John Maythan, Liezel van der Westhuizen, Alan Ford, Clayton Morar and Bianca Coleman, to name but a few.
  • Svenmill 2011 – shooting decor in a factory
  • A couple of weddings
  • Shooting an glamour portrait of an editor
  • and too many others to remember. And I made sure that there were videos shot on most every shoot, so watch this space.

Anyways, till very soon, hang tight, high with hope, down with dope and don’t run with scissors, or pour water on acid.

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