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The Library Wines

I love new things. In this case I was fortunate enough to be asked by Library Wines to shoot their debut images. The brief was to rock up at the owner’s apartment in Franschhoek and create images that spoke of elegance and style. And maybe add some food. Great, open brief.After having a quick look around, I popped out to the local grocer to get food props and set out to shoot these images. For the photo-geeks a quick note: it was all done with available light, reflectors and 2x 580 EX Canon Speedlites, some gels. There were three bottles to shoot: a Sauvignon Blanc, a Cab-Sauv Blend and a Rosè. For the Sauvignon Blanc I decided on a fresh salad, the Bordeaux blend some cheese and crackers and the Rosè, some sushi. The focus needed to be the bottles, so the food was really in this case simply a prop and mood-enhancer, yet, if you get it wrong, it can spoil everything else. So I decided to keep the food low-key.The client was interested in seeing some images with tints and colour deriva…

Danie Nel WEDDINGS: D + I

Table Mountain rocks. It’s that simple. Whether you’re taking your missus out on a date, or whether you need to go somewhere to get perspective, or to go get hitched, Table Mountain fits the bill in all these regards.I have done a couple of weddings on Table Mountain before, but I’m always keen to go back for more. As is the case with most of the weddings I shoot (I shoot selected tourist weddings mainly), I was the only guest, and also the witness! Anyways, without too much further yapping from my side, herewith the pics from Table Mountain and Bakoven beach.You can view the images as a slideshow. Enjoy!Danie Nel WEDDINGS: D + I Table Mountain VIEW SLIDE SHOWDOWNLOAD ALL