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Shooting Continental China

So a while back, Jean Nel, Lindi, his assistant, and I got together to do some additional images for Continental China's new website, and future print media. Last year, no in fact, 2010, in conjunction with the good people at Bletchley Park , we did the initial catalogue shoots.
Philip, my assistant at  the time, had the lovely task of deep-etching in the region of 500 pieces of crockery. To say that his pen-tool skills became marvelous would be understating the fact. The styled images were so well received by the client, that they ended up printing hords of the images as decor for their factory office, and banners for all their exhibitions and general PR and marketing use.
Also, around the time of doing the latest shoot, Clay Ant Creative pulled together the beautiful new site, to tie into the printed book catalogue. Our new images would now augment the older ones, web first, and once another print run is made, the images will go into the book.
This time around it was a 2 day shoot…

The Mighty Zambezi, Food & Luxury Pt. 3

Royal Chundu Lodge, Zambia: After stepping off the boat we were ready to have some food stuck in our faces. And loll about while waiting. For guys like Clayton Morar this was used furtively updating Facebook statuses, submitting stories, Tweeting and keeping up with work at home. I decided early on that I wasn’t going to worry too much about what’s going on at home. Except a call to my kids every night, I purposely decided to focus on the job at hand. Chill-working. The good folks at Blaauwklippen was kind enough to send along some bottles of their aperitif, Before and After , a deliciously yummy sweet wine, with rose notes and all sorts of other wine tasting jargon that means “lekker”. They also supplied us with some Potstill Brandy and Zinfandel, a Californian favourite, made here in Stellenbosch. This set the tone for before and after dinner drinks, with some people opting for some cocktails instead. What was in store for us was quite a treat, Zambia style! We were escorted to the …

The Mighty Zambezi, Food & Luxury Pt. 2

For most people I don’t need to show the rest of the facilities at the Royal Chundu Lodge.  In fact, I would’ve been quite pleased if this was it. A good book, a view over the Zambezi from my bed…, I’ll take that now, in fact. The book I was reading at the time was “A short history of nearly everything” by Bill Bryson, and I think that qualifies as a decent enough piece of reading material. But that is not all there is. This is a quick overview of the feelings from the guest and the things we got up to while here. This was our humble little cabin. Like, really private. Below that you see the pic of a Zambian wood bell, that gets banged to make you aware of a steaming cup of coffee ready for you in a little hole in the wall by which your beverages gets served at the front door.As you arrive at your cabin in the evenings that very bath is drawn for you, infused with spices and all sorts of deliciousness. In the morning you lay in it, watching the velvet monkey’s eat the cumquats in the tr…