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Luxury, Food and the Zambezi, Pt. 4

Sorry for the late and infrequent posting, it’s been manic at Danie Nel Photography… but I’m not complaining. Watch this space for some really cool updates.So, it’s not exactly the picture you have in mind when you think of the “Place of Thunder and Mist”, but bear in mind, this was the dry season and this is what the Victoria Falls look like then. Which is also good, because during flood you only see mist, get drenched and hear a thunderous roar of water, and see nothing. Anyways, that’s where we went. Victoria Falls, Zambia side.I always wanted to see the Vic Falls and I was quite chuffed that we got to do it, and I got to do it while working! My wife has a natural affinity for baboons, and probably explains why she married me, but here they are especially tame, and a lot less aggressive than their Cape Tonian counterparts, especially around Cape Point. David Livingstone still hangs around the Falls, even if it is only in his bronze guise. Amazing explorer that man. The Livingstone …