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Luxury, Food and the Zambezi, Pt. 5

Like the Rust-en-Vrede waterfall close to Oudtshoorn, the Zambezi, and the soft idle of a catamaran, has been entered into my mind as a “happy place”. The beauty, silence and tranquillity of the whole experience is something I think of almost daily. To catch up: last time we went around the Vic’ Falls, saw the markets and bought ingredients. Well, this brings us to the point of the whole trip: Cooking with Jenny Morris. After a quick shower and a 30 minute return cruise to our cabin, the proceedings of the evening was upon us.Yup, this is what brought us here. The new book by Jenny. Liezl van der Westhuizen showing off her copy, and next to her is the publisher, Cery Prenter. Each guest also received a delightful apron already on arrival at the airport, and now everyone could don theirs. I find aprons are much like T-shirts, in that they really carry way more sentimental appeal than fashion appeal. Very few of my t-shirts are in any way fashionable, but most have some sort of memory. …