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Institute of Culinary Arts – Videos

Hylton 1

So the ICA (Institute of Culinary Arts) showed their wisdom and decided to update some of their marketing material to videos. Wise decision. Next wise decision? They got me in on it! Jokes aside, I’m really chuffed they did, and herewith are a 5 short videos I shot with them.

Things I learned on this job comes straight out of the kitchen. Working with Letitia Prinsloo, founder and principal of the ICA, reinforced the credo “When in doubt, throw it out”, a slogan I happen to have stuck on a piece of paper on my desk. Peter Templehoff also mentions this in his interview. Also, I realised that directing happens in edit as much as on set. Either way, we grafted for about 2 months on getting the final edits to the client’s liking, and I am pleased with the result.

We spent a day shooting at the ICA, and another day on the road shooting interviews all over Cape Town. Philip joined me for the first day of shooting, but I was running commando on the second day. Good fun.

ICA Short: Our Aim is Perfection


For those looking to have video done for their marketing exercises, I wish to give this advice. Please allow the director/videographer to sit with you and storyboard/plan the WHOLE video. Ad hoc can always be added on set, but shooting only ad hoc will make the video a nightmare to edit. In this regard, ICA was magic. I asked them for outlines and they came back with detailed shoot lists, scripts for all the interviews, shoot schedules and the like. This makes work so much easier and allows for more creativity on set, when you know what you have in the bag to start with.

ICA Short: Our Living Classroom

Also, allow your director/videographer some space to experiment. This is what we do for a living, and we are inclined to be more visually literate and educated than you might think. We work with an awareness of cheese-factors and trend-factors. Again, ICA was great with keeping their minds open to ideas.

ICA Short: Professional Chef’s Training

Another tip. Make sure you work in the vicinity of take away coffee or a coffee-shop.

ICA Short: The 4 P’s

Not all actors are created equal, and neither are all people as good at working of scripts as others. Sometimes it’s necessary for some just to wing the basic idea. It works for Robin Williams.

ICA Short: The Cutting Edge of Culinary Art

We decided to also create a full-length version of this video series, with a slightly calmer intro sequence. To keep the punch of the short film, we maintained a punchy short intro, creating the fun and  excitement of the chef’s industry, whereas as a whole, for dvd and full-length uses, we decided to create a intro more suitable for board-room viewing.

The short films work great for web as they all clock in around 2 minutes, whereas the full length is about 7 minutes, which is not optimal for web marketing, but great for presentation.

See below.

ICA Corporate Video

Anyways, I look forward to similar projects to these. Oh, while we were shooting the videos, I also managed to do some food-stills and portraits for them.

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