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Now and again I rave about the perks of my job, especially towards month-end, when money proves not to be one of them. Well, this week I had the priviledge of tasting 2001 Petrus... Two days in a row. Once at Delaire Graff Estate, and once at the Taj in Cape Town. I'm busy shooting a short film on the preparation for the South African leg of the White Club tastings.
Most wine lovers, and a great many sommeliers have not, and never will have, the priviledge of tasting a Chateau Petrus. Any vintage. It's up there with the top 3 most exclusive wines in the world. This vintage? R90000 per bottle. Which makes the glass I drank about R15000. Each.
Most notably people will ask: 'so is it worth it?'. Perspective is needed in answering this.
Well, it is darn amazing. In any way you might choose to look at it, it is delicious. It is smoother than velvet and just plain yummy. Even if you don't like wine chances are you'll like this.  But 90 large?
In order to answer t…