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How not to treat a vehicle

So I’ve been sitting on this post for almost two months. Reason being is that I’ve been very busy, and… well, I just didn’t get around to it. So the first part of the post will be reminiscing about the RIP-ing Avanza, and the next an introduction to the new one. So, Monday, last week, I had an interesting start to my day. As I was on my way to shoot for  JET Club Mag in Hout Bay, I was accidently displaced from the second lane to the sidewalk by another vehicle. Before I continue, may I say it was completely unintentional by the other  driver, who is also minus a vehicle now and most apologetic. Basically it was a case of traffic slowing down suddenly and the driver behind me changing lanes at that very moment, and looking back over his shoulder to his blind-spot. His car hit mine and my car rolled. I was not hurt at all, neither was my equipment damaged, despite ending up on the grass behind the car. Thank you ThinkTank Photo for making decent bags. Now, all that needs to be said is …