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Danie Nel WEDDINGS: D + I

Table Mountain rocks. It’s that simple. Whether you’re taking your missus out on a date, or whether you need to go somewhere to get perspective, or to go get hitched, Table Mountain fits the bill in all these regards.I have done a couple of weddings on Table Mountain before, but I’m always keen to go back for more. As is the case with most of the weddings I shoot (I shoot selected tourist weddings mainly), I was the only guest, and also the witness! Anyways, without too much further yapping from my side, herewith the pics from Table Mountain and Bakoven beach.You can view the images as a slideshow. Enjoy!Danie Nel WEDDINGS: D + I Table Mountain VIEW SLIDE SHOWDOWNLOAD ALL

Right now....

I'm so far behind in work that I'll probably take Christmas holiday next June. However, this is a great problem to have.
This post is to let you know I'll be posting again as soon as I have a moment. In the meantime you can follow me at Twitter to see daily shoot updates. I use the #photoshoot key-word for my posts relating to these.
I'm sitting on the Bergrivier Dam Wall, waiting for a person to help me on the shoot here as I post this. I love my Blogger app!