Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Library Wines

librarywines 2

I love new things. In this case I was fortunate enough to be asked by Library Wines to shoot their debut images. The brief was to rock up at the owner’s apartment in Franschhoek and create images that spoke of elegance and style. And maybe add some food. Great, open brief.

After having a quick look around, I popped out to the local grocer to get food props and set out to shoot these images. For the photo-geeks a quick note: it was all done with available light, reflectors and 2x 580 EX Canon Speedlites, some gels.


There were three bottles to shoot: a Sauvignon Blanc, a Cab-Sauv Blend and a Rosè. For the Sauvignon Blanc I decided on a fresh salad, the Bordeaux blend some cheese and crackers and the Rosè, some sushi. The focus needed to be the bottles, so the food was really in this case simply a prop and mood-enhancer, yet, if you get it wrong, it can spoil everything else. So I decided to keep the food low-key.



The client was interested in seeing some images with tints and colour derivations, so I prepared the images in colour, black and white and a desaturated brown tint of my own design, that I’ve been using for the last couple of years. These in the end made it to the site and I’m chuffed with the atmosphere of elegance, timelessness and warmth it retained, especially on the red wine images.



In order to keep with the brand and library theme, I was asked to do one image of the bottles stacked in a book case. This was the final shot for the day. Just before the set-up for this image commenced, while breaking down the previous shot, I was leaning over a candle (the apartment is full of candles that were lit at the time) and managed to set my shirt on fire! Luckily I smelt the flame and felt the initial sensation of incineration just in time to perform a fire dance and slap my shoulder, which caught fire, till it stung more than the burn. Apart from a ruined shirt, I can report that I have no injuries. 20121207_0095 group

Well, no wine gets marketed without pack-shots, and I took the images to the studio for the final pack-shots. These shots are essential when entering tastings and competitions and for general PR and marketing purposes.

The website of Library Wines went live today and you’ll do well to go and check it out.

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