Thursday, March 07, 2013

New Logo... Year... Stuff.... Catch-up!

At Amsterdam Central Station, The Netherlands, Dec 2012
Ok, I dropped the ball badly on my blogging the last while. Not only have we entered a new year since I've last blogged, we have entered a new financial year (and I blame that in part for my inability to get to blogging!) and I've been a busy boy.
Ending off 2012 I spent a week in Europe shooting for The White Club ,  and I'll be blogging that fairly soon. As far as wine appreciation goes, it would be hard to beat my story.
I've been working like a dog, and I must be honest, I don't know where that phrase comes from, because in my experience dogs don't work, but anyways, I've been busy with exciting things. I'm currently in the middle of shooting Jenny Morris's new book, and it is promising to be even more beautiful than the last.
I've also had my corporate identity redesigned, by my good friend Libre van der Bergh, and I'm mighty pleased to have launched the new look and design on 1 March 2013. I've never been quite comfortable with my latest logos and the like, so I thought I'd rather get in a pro to do what I obviously can't do for myself. I should've done that long ago.
So, this is just an update to let you know that I'll be blogging soon, showing videos and all manners of interesting and exciting things.  

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