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Danie Nel WEDDINGS: S & K

Wow, so this will be like the first proper blog post in 2013. And it’s already May! Well, I like to say that being busy is a good problem to have. Some of the posts might seem dated as I put them up, as will be the case with this wedding which happened in February, and images were delivered a week later! Only, I cannot get around to posting nearly as much as I like to. So, I hope that you’re keeping abreast what’s happening through Instagram , Facebook or Twitter, or if you want to see it all in one place, About Me. Back to the wedding. I met the bride when she was a bridesmaid for ….this bride. Since this wedding both of them have moved abroad and some years later I got contacted by C to see if I’m available for her wedding, one year hence. Anyways, so the year henced passed and the day arrived for the couple, who now resides in Sweden, to come and have a rainy day wedding in Cape Town. But, prayers were raised from my side, and I was heard, and just enough sunshine was let through t…