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Porsche Slantnose 930 for Total 911

Earlier this year, myself and automotive journalist, Wilhelm Lutjeharms, found our way to Chapman’s Peak Drive, probably the most iconic automotive advertising locations in the world, to photograph the rare Porsche 911 Turbo 930 Slantnose for Total 911 magazine in the UK.  I’m decidedly not a petrol-head, and have been driving panel-van’s, commercial vehicles or station-wagons for most of my adult life. This is probably due to my job, and the requirements I have for lugging around equipment. I can’t change a spark-plug, or a car’s oil for that matter, and I don’t know the muffler from the crank-shaft. (Ok, I do, but you catch my drift.) Having said that, I have driven, and driven in some of the most iconic, intense vehicles ever to land on these shores.Being a rather aesthetically inclined individual, I can appreciate a beautiful machine, and the noise it makes. As I’m not comparing performance, torque and whatnot when I appraise a car, I’m generally unencumbered by such prejudices, a…