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Shooting Loki Rothman

Loki Rothman is a solo music artist from Cape Town, a session guitarist for the likes of Jack Parow and Die Antwoord, a producer and guitar teacher. His singles have been in heavy rotation on national and local stations, and once you listen to it, you’ll understand. Co-produced by DJ HiTek of Die Antwoord, there is no shortage of credentials behind this guy.

He contacted me to get his publicity pics done and also some images for his latest single “Clocks”.


I’m not going to go into too much detail of the technical specifications of the shoot etc. Basically he gave me a good brief, on what he needed for the CD cover, for publicity and for his equipment endorsements. We booked a day in the studio and had Joleta Keane come do the make-up. What was clear from the moment I met him in a coffee-shop, and take note aspiring musicians and artists and entrepreneurs; he was all business. Prepared, researched, diligent and clear with what he wants. Professional and a really hellavu nice bloke. 20130730_0065i My own hand-painted backdrop. This backdrop has seen Bryan Habana, Bismarck du Plessis and some really interesting individuals in-front of it.



Endorsement pictures need to show gear, person and attitude. In that order.


Loki is a pop musician (almost no guitars), plays on stage with a hip-hop act, studies jazz and classical guitar, and can session in a whole lot more genres. Thus, his image is varied, and we need to take that into account for his different marketing approaches.



The studio set-up was fairly simple.



Loki is also sponsored by Puma, so images needed to bring this across.


Next up was the images for the CD-cover. He had a distinct idea what he wanted, which made it easier for me to focus on getting that exactly (or at least vibe-wise gettting it exactly). We could then work on options.


An interesting quirk about Loki is that his fingers on his right hand are slightly disfigured. Now if you consider this guy’s skill on guitar (especially his finger-style playing), it is quite amazing. He also doesn’t mind showing if off as you can see.


Loki had the idea of blowing some smoke. We took lots of pics. He had his intake of nicotine for the year sorted in about 15 minutes of shooting. So did I. And so did Joleta’s yet unborn son at the time, Aiden. Considering his name means “fire”, it is fitting I suppose!


Anyways, after hours of makeup and shooting, we had a nice collection of images in the bag!


Team Shoot Loki. Good fun as always.


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