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RIP Nelson Mandela

You cannot turn your head this past week, without seeing some likeness of Nelson Mandela somewhere, alas, not even my blog. I never had the privilege of meeting this man, I only heard what a great presence he had about him. I watched on TV when I was 12 years old, as he walked out of the gates of Victor Verster Prison in Paarl. I heard all the apprehensive, fearful, hopeful, worried, optimistic and confused opinions flying about for the next ….well, 24 years. I heard the “Now they’re gonna chase us [white people] into the  sea” to the newly liberated opinions of white people who for years were quietly very opposed to what was going on, but were afraid to speak. I have enough memory and experience of Apartheid to realise what has transpired when Nelson Mandela handled  things the way he did. I have seen many ardent supporters of Apartheid look back and say, that wasn’t right, and that Nelson Mandela is an amazing man.He wasn’t perfect, he wasn’t even always right, as a politician, but …