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NEW WEBSITE! ….and finally a blog post.

My new website is up. And with posting this, so also finally a new blog post. Wow, it has been a slow posting season. You can always catch me on InstagramTwitter or Facebook, where shorter, more regular updates  do take place! Normally with pictures. Anyways, it is not so much the new design of the website that is getting me excited. I use a system called Photobiz, so changing a template requires the press of a button and my site looks new, design-wise. And HTML5, nogal (and Afrikaans word that means “quite, actually, if you can believe it, and a strange mix of these, so not translatable much and completely irrelevant to the discussion at hand) .  So that (changing the template - in case your head is spinning from all the digressing taking place) hardly induces excitement. The exciting part is the new content. It took almost two weeks of sifting through hard-drives of the last 5 years and choosing images that I would like to include. And about a year of psyching myself up to get start…

Too busy to blog

Blogging... Wow. I remeber doing it regularly. I want to hereby commit to once a week updates again. It's been wild. Since last time I've sold my studio, moved into a shared space and have been up to some great fun. Just to make this feel like a legitimate post, which is hard as I'm posting from my phone, I'll add a  of pic from today.

Danie Nel VIDEO: Crashtackle–Hammerfall

I have mentioned before that I’m a musician in my free time, making and recording music, and distributing it for free/pay-what-you-want digitally. Just for kicks. Anyways, so my musical portfolio has grown to also encompass another entity, or side-project as musicians call it, called “Crashtackle”. This is basically my heavier, more experimental music. You can connect with my Crashtackle music at or the links below, or read about my musical adventures in general, at . So, finally I got another Crashtackle tune out. Actually, just my second. This time it’s “Hammerfall”, and the first time I’m singing as well in Crashtackle. I tried all sorts of styles, but I realised, alas, I’m not a screamer, growler or even high-angst belter, I am what I am, so I decided to just go with that. Also, I realised that it might be a good idea to get a video out for Crashtackle.  I have done two music videos before for my Danie Nel music. Bel…

Wedding T+L Dec 2013

A noon-day wedding in high summer in Cape Town is always a challenge, but luckily for me, this time around there was a poplar forest at the venue and I could pull this couple into the forest, away from harsh light, and heat, and get some beautiful pics. Herewith some of the highlights.