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Making my own Music Videos

I often do music related shoots, video and stills, but now and again, and this is very seldom, I get to do that for myself, as in, my own music.

I have 2 main music projects that I work on, this is apart from serving in a worship ministry at The one is something called "Danie Nel" - wow, I know! This is more main stream rock and folk and easier listening compositions. Then I have an alter-ego, called "Crashtackle", which as the name suggests, tackles your ears and make them submit. This is more metal and hard-rock and whatever I feel like doing.

So for Crashtackle's song, "Hammerfall" I have made a video before. If you scroll down on the blog, you'll see that post. Now, there is a new song, "The Reaper", but here I shot very little of the actual footage, but for some performance imagery that is added into the video for balance and context. The rest of the footage I obtained from the public domain, specifically through t…

Shooting a Time-Lapse on Cape Town

So herewith a little video of how I shot the time-lapses I ended up using in my Hammerfall video for Crashtackle, my band.

On this particular day, in early 2014, the wind was absolutely howling, as it does when the clouds look best on Table Mountain. I apologise for the bad sound! Where necessary I added subtitles.

In short: I used the Triggertrap MD3-N3 Mobile Dongle and N3 Cable Kit Remote Release for Canon (Red) with my Samsung Galaxy Note, a Canon 5D Mk II with a variety of lenses, a Manfrotto tripod and a sandbag. I also mention the nice little cell phone holder designed for bicycles, that holds the phone in place, as it triggers the camera. For your convenience here is a link to where you can get the Trigger Trap.

Settings: 1 second intervals

The reason is that the clouds were actually moving quickly as it is, and if I made the intervals any longer, at 25 frames per second in the final render, the clouds would move too quickly and look comical, not dramatic.

Render: 25 frame…

Danie Nel VIDEO: Loki Rothman - Wheel don't turn.

As promised, herewith another video I did for Loki Rothman, this time a lyric/performance video of his new song from his upcoming album. The song is "Wheel don't Turn".

It was all shot in studio, and took a couple of hours to film. Then the editing and voila! It took a bit of co-ordination to pass him the guitar after taking the ukulele, to film and swing in the mic at the right time! Ultimately, we're very happy with the result.

Check it out!

Danie Nel VIDEO: Loki Rothman performing "Uptown Funk"

I had the opportunity to shoot Loki's latest performance video, a cover version of the Mark Ranson/Bruno Mars number, "Uptown Funk". The great thing about shooting this is the relative freedom I had in choosing angles and playing with all my toys. I used a jib, a slider, a GoPro, 2 DSLR's simultaneously, a bunch of my lights and good music to boot.

There is not a heck of a lot to tell in terms of behind the scenes, but he had to play the song about 10 times, and we got the footage in about two hours. So far the response has been very good.

Watch this space for another Loki Rothman video coming soon.

Creation Wines Ad for Online Ordering

Unfortunately I don't have any behind the scenes video or footage of this particular shoot, but I thought I'd share it anyways. The client needed a short video to add to a newsletter encouraging people to order their wines from the client's online shop. The storyline/concept was supplied by the client and I was tasked to make it happen. The bulk was shot in about 2 hours in a guesthouse in Stellenbosch that was loaned to us! It was shot at almost noon, so we had to black out the place quite a bit, and I needed to gel some lights to get the desired "night-time" effect. The actor, Khail, also happens to work for Creation Wines, but was an excellent sport and did a great job. For the record: the idea was a cheesy comedy feel, almost slap-stick. His colleague, Karlè Briedenhann, who is a professional actress and is involved in wine part-time, directed his performance and was also largely responsible for the concept. In terms of crew.... well. It was I and my alter…