Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Creation Wines Ad for Online Ordering

Unfortunately I don't have any behind the scenes video or footage of this particular shoot, but I thought I'd share it anyways.
The client needed a short video to add to a newsletter encouraging people to order their wines from the client's online shop. The storyline/concept was supplied by the client and I was tasked to make it happen.
The bulk was shot in about 2 hours in a guesthouse in Stellenbosch that was loaned to us! It was shot at almost noon, so we had to black out the place quite a bit, and I needed to gel some lights to get the desired "night-time" effect.
The actor, Khail, also happens to work for Creation Wines, but was an excellent sport and did a great job. For the record: the idea was a cheesy comedy feel, almost slap-stick. His colleague, Karlè Briedenhann, who is a professional actress and is involved in wine part-time, directed his performance and was also largely responsible for the concept.
In terms of crew.... well. It was I and my alter-ego's Gaffer-Dan, Dolly-Dan, Camera-Dan, Key-Dan, Editor-Dan, Dan-of-Photography and a bunch of other low-level Dan's. That is the way I, myself and we roll.

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