Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Making my own Music Videos

I often do music related shoots, video and stills, but now and again, and this is very seldom, I get to do that for myself, as in, my own music.

I have 2 main music projects that I work on, this is apart from serving in a worship ministry at www.ctcoc.co.za. The one is something called "Danie Nel" - wow, I know! This is more main stream rock and folk and easier listening compositions. Then I have an alter-ego, called "Crashtackle", which as the name suggests, tackles your ears and make them submit. This is more metal and hard-rock and whatever I feel like doing.

So for Crashtackle's song, "Hammerfall" I have made a video before. If you scroll down on the blog, you'll see that post. Now, there is a new song, "The Reaper", but here I shot very little of the actual footage, but for some performance imagery that is added into the video for balance and context. The rest of the footage I obtained from the public domain, specifically through the "Pond 5 Public Domain Project".

Anyways, the music video is mostly a  visual atmosphere accompanying the lyrics, which deals with the failings of humanism and human thinking. In short, most wars, and especially those done in the name of God, but not with his blessing, are simply products of erroneous human thinking and ideology.

Anyways, herewith the video:

And for convenience, here is the video for "Hammerfall"

Anyways, till next time, enjoy the tunes!!

You can also get the tune on Spotify, Amazon Mp3 and all major online retailers and streaming services, otherwise just play it on YouTube like crazy!

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